You lie down on a neatly dressed, heated massage table. It's very comfortable with memory foam and a cushioned face rest. You breathe in deeply
and a sigh escapes your lips. You remember that you have been looking forward to some "you-time" for much too long. You close your eyes and a
few minutes later your relaxing massage begins...
Special Healing Savings
Annual White Light Friday: Gift Certificate Extravaganza

The day following Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude and giving back for all of the practitioners at The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics.
It is our annual day of celebration which we fondly named White Light Friday.

White Light Friday is a one day opportunity where clients may purchase gift certificates at a significant savings with an extended expiration date.
We feel that this offers an easy economical way to gift your friends, family and even yourself with the Gift of Health.

2013 Friday, November 29 ONLY
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Therapeutic Massage
Each massage is unique. Whether you need relief from painful symptoms or are simply looking for a truly relaxing massage, I can help.

You choose from a "full-body" massage, which ensures your whole body is at its best, or "focused" work to really zero in on a particular issue,
getting the knots out and releasing tension for more freedom of movement.
For deep tissue and focused work, I recommend you start with a
90 minute session for best results.

Occasionally, it may be helpful to utilize hydrotherapy during a treatment. This is done at no extra charge to you. Hydrotherapy is the use of water
in its various forms to soothe general aches and pains, treat physical and emotional ailments, and to boost the immune system.

Heat is a very efficient way to bring blood to the area being treated. It softens soft tissues allowing for deeper work without having to "bulldoze"
through. This is achieved using towels soaked in warm/hot water.

Cool is great for reducing soreness and swelling. It often alleviates trigger points and muscle spasms. It also boosts your body's natural defenses
to ward off illness. This is most commonly done with ice or cold packs.

  By Appointment

60 minutes -- $75

90 minutes -- $110

120 minutes -- $150

Therapeutic Massage
The Favorites
All you need is 30 minutes for the most sought after, most loved parts of a massage session: hands, feet, face and scalp. ....$45
Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap
The Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap is a great way to help relieve your body of toxins as it replaces important minerals. After application you will be
wrapped in thermal sheets and blankets, letting your own body heat activate the properties of the seaweed, while you enjoy a head and scalp
massage. The seaweed is removed with moist hot towels, much like a sponge bath. Very relaxing!
Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
The Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is good for people with excessively dry skin. Sugar is much less abrasive than salt and can be done one to two times a week. First you are scrubbed, paying attention to the most important areas like elbows, knees and ankles. Then, it is removed with moist hot towels, much like a sponge bath. This treatment makes your skin smooth and baby soft, looking fresh and feeling great! ....$85
The Spa Experience
This package is for those of you who treasure the spa experience. A big, fluffy robe and slippers await you!

Don't worry about putting on your makeup because ultimate pampering begins with soothing eye pads to rejuvenate tired eyes. Skin becomes new again with your choice of exfoliating sugar scrub or detoxifying seaweed body wrap. This package ends with a nurturing 60 minute full body massage to soothe away the aches and pains of the past couple weeks and voila! You are new again!

Be sure to allow approximately 3 hours for this special package.

Assisted Stretching
Stay limber and flexible with assisted stretching. Tight sore muscles have no choice but to relax and keep proper tone when we regularly remind
them of their normal resting length.

Stretching may be included as part of your massage session at no extra charge or as a stand alone compliment to your healthy lifestyle.


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